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Investment Philosophy

At Willner Heller, we believe that building wealth while controlling risk is the main priority for managing money. Willner Heller creates and manages customized portfolios for individuals and small businesses utilizing global diversification strategies while employing various risk management techniques. We invest in stocks, bonds, mutual funds and ETF’s. Each of our portfolios are client specific individually managed by us, we do not use separate account managers, model portfolios or proprietary financial products.

We draw from a variety of research sources and consider a broad spectrum of data before making investment decisions. The process we use to manage money includes considering diversification, asset allocation and a fundamental approach to identify opportunities in various asset classes.

Our firm takes an objective view and a disciplined approach to building wealth while at the same time considering any potential downside. In addition we closely monitor the portfolios we manage with an eye toward potential tax liability. Our firm uses its affiliation with Willner & Ornedo Accountancy and the expertise of their CPA’s to help ensure that each client’s accounts are as tax efficient as possible.

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